Recent iOS Apps for Clients


Useful utility app for concatenating multiple images/screenshots (e.g. chat history).


The best guide to Japan

More than any city guide, Odigo is a comprehensive country guide for Japan.


Compathy is a travel collection service you can connect to the world with travelogs!

Ruby on Rails Websites/Services

Please contact me to get a detailed list of running sites I built with Ruby on Rails.

Hobby Apps I've Made

Mail Notifr *

An Open Source Gmail Notifier for Mac OS X.

Support multiple accounts and Google hosted account. Only check and notify at your specified interval.

* Formerly Gmail Notifr.


A handy measuring tool for designers & developers.

Measure the dimensions of objects on screen instantly as you move cursor over them. Find distance between objects quickly.


Safari extension for translating Japanese words.

More projects at Github